Analysis Research Paper

August 7, 2020

If you are aiming to complete a study in analysis research, there are few things you should do. Like other academic research, you can not do credible analysis research in a rush. You will need to learn a few things.

Before you begin to write your analysis research paper, you should first have an understanding of why you are about to do it. An analytical paper is one that analyses a particular topic or subject.

Analysis of a topic is beyond simple text writing. You will need to read everything over and over to understand the text. Please get familiar with its background, culture, history, tone, etc.

Tips on How to Write an Analysis Research Paper

There are several methods to write different research papers. However, there are five essential ways of writing a successful paper.

1. Choose a topic

This factor is the first thing to do. You can either brainstorm on an excellent topic or search the internet for one. Whichever theme you choose, it should be one that you have an interest in. Don’t pick an issue you can not get help and enough materials on.

You can get help from the internet or source for valuable materials from the library. Newspapers and magazines are also a great way of getting inspiration and credible facts.

2. Start your analysis

It would be best if you read the whole text multiple times to make the analysis of the text easier. Do this without being distracted. As you are reading, make notes of interesting facts and points for your review.

Make sure to identify your aim at the beginning of your analysis. Your ideas and thoughts are also essential. Text analysis is not a simple task, but your work must be genuine, relevant, and conclusive.

3. State your research statement

What do you intend to achieve with your research? Put it down in writing and be objective about it. It is the statement that serves as the driving force of the whole analysis.

Whatever your research statement is, it must be able to attract your readers’ interest. Please don’t make it too general or too one-sided. It should also have some clarity and project the goal of your analysis.

4. Support your argument

The argument which is stated in the research statement must be supported with facts and proofs. Make use of different citations to give credence to your work. Do not stray from your research statement.

Make use of proven facts and statistics to make your work more reliable and convincing. Use less of quotes from other researches. Your ideas, voice, and thoughts need to be heard in your work.

5. Final verdict

Here is where you conclude your work. Rewrite your research statement again and do a summary of the whole text, but remember to be concise.

After rewriting your research statement, give a final verdict in such a way that it shows that you are bringing your research to a close. Don’t forget to lend suggestions and recommendations for continuous study by other researchers.


An analysis research paper means bringing a large text to the level of understanding of the readers. So, it would help if you were focused while doing this paper. With the above points, how to write analysis research should pose fewer problems in the future.

Amazing Topics for Your Research Paper

August 7, 2020

Settling for a topic to write on while doing a research writing job at Write Zillas or composing your research paper can be challenging. We have selected some topics you can choose from. These topics cut across different fields. You can also use clues to draft out your topic based on your interest.

The “Wow” Research Paper Topic

It is important to note that all research paper topics are not rated equally. Some are considered better than others, and yours should be on the better side. Before choosing a research topic to write on, consider the following points.

1. Are You Interested In The Topic?

Writing a research paper can be burdensome when the topic doesn’t go well with you. If you want to experience ease while writing, ensure you have an interest in the topic. Your interest in a topic will also reflect in your enthusiasm for in-depth research. Don’t fall for the temptation to follow the crowd on a subject you have no interest in.

2. Ensure You Are Well Armed

Your submissions must be valid and supported by facts. You must ensure you have enough information to put forth a good argument. Your stance on the subject must be adequately informed. For a well-informed discussion, you have to study extensively on your topic. Before you settle for a topic, source for materials to ensure you have adequate information.

3. Follow the Guideline of Your Teacher

Do not forget that there might be some restrictions in your research paper from your field or teacher. It is safe to stay within the boundaries of that information. At the end of your research paperwork, it would be graded with some indices. Therefore, it is essential to play by the rules.

Some research topics from different fields you can consider:

Arts/ Culture

  • How is sexism presented in media (music, film, video games)
  • The impact of the music of slaves on American music

Current Events

  • The impact of the Corona Virus on the world economy
  • The evolution of the feminist theory


  • The effect of a child’s upbringing on his academic performance
  • The mental effect on same-sex school on a child


  • How to reduce gun-related deaths in the US
  • The effect of modernization on the divorce rate


  • The most effective type of juvenile punishment that can curb future crime
  • Similarities and differences between immigration law of different countries


  • Most effective methods/programs to reduce teen pregnancy
  • How do the healthcare plans of various countries differ from each other?


  • The fall of the Roman empire: Causes and Lessons
  • Causes of civil wars and how they could have been prevented


  • How has the media portrayal of Islam changed since the September 11th attack?
  • The rise in atheism around the world: cause and implication

Science/ Environment

  • Climate change and the next generation
  • Oil spills and its impact on natures resources


  • The impact of 5G of human society
  • The effect of technology on the learning process

In conclusion, the importance of research work in any field cannot be overemphasized. Considering the benefit, the amount of work put into writing an outstanding paper is worth it.

Making a Research Paper? Great Ideas for Your Topic

August 7, 2020

When creating a research paper, many students think that the more complex the topic, the better their score.  This, however, is not necessarily the case.  Though professors do appreciate a certain level of “complexity,” if the topic is uninteresting or has been done many times before, then there is nothing exciting about it.

Furthermore, if a topic is too complex, then it may be too difficult to complete within the given time.  Chances are that the student will end up sacrificing good research and writing just to finish on time.

Choosing well

The initial key then to a good paper is choosing your topic well.  Even if you don’t like the subject, you can still find ways to select something you like if you exercise your imagination. The more it intrigues you, the better motivated you will be to finish well.

Organizing thoughts and Outlining

The next step is to organize your thoughts before you write.  Rather than just highlighting key facts, it is good to take notes about what you have found, and then organize them.  It helps to make an outline before writing as this becomes the skeleton of your paper.  Your arguments will be clearer if you see them put together in the outline.

Reread your work

Before submitting, be sure to properly revise my paper.  Check for the usual grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; but also check for clarity of thought.  Many times when you are in a hurry, you will discover that key phrases or sentences are missing that tie things together.

Some topics to consider

Just in case you need a creative boost, the following are some topics to ponder upon.

Economics and Business

-Are lifestyle channels helping or hurting the tourism industry?

-Is digital piracy greatly affecting the entertainment industry?

-Is the gambling industry helping or hurting local economies?

-How is terrorism affecting the economy?

Information Technology

-Are antivirus programs protecting computers or making them more vulnerable to attacks?

-Are facial recognition systems violating people’s right to privacy?

-Can fingerprint technology replace the signature?

-Can the government truly regulate the internet?

Politics and Law

-Is diplomatic immunity fair?

-Should the adult “legal age” be increased?

-Why are other countries allowing local businesses to produce counterfeit goods?

-Would other countries benefit more if they instituted trial by jury?

Family and Society

-Is there a better way to teach sex education to prevent teenage pregnancies?

-Should children from lower-income households be allowed to work part-time?

-Should couples be required to attend pre-parenting seminars before having children?

-What should be done to minimize teenage gang violence?

Sports and Entertainment

-Are student-athletes given unfair advantages at school?

-Are the sports and entertainment industries negatively affecting the country’s workforce?

-How are athletes and entertainers promoting peace between nations?

-Should celebrities still be allowed to run for government office?


As an essential requirement in many of your classes, your research paper should not be taken lightly. Select well, organize your ideas, and proofread your work.  By following said steps, you will have a paper to be proud of.

What Can I Do To Write A Winning Research Paper

February 26, 2018

There are thousands of research papers written each year but only a few capture the attention of academicians. Some are left to gather dust on shelves and never make any meaningful contribution to the academic world. The secret to being a winner is to focus on the process through which you write research paper. Your activities before, during and after drafting the paper will determine your performance. Here are specialist tips to consider and ensure that your performance is captivating.

The Win is in the Topic
People begin to judge your work by looking at the topic. It will give an idea of a mundane paper or one that is crafted to capture the imagination of readers. Choose a topic that is compelling and invites people to read deeper into the paper. This happens through the choice of words and the perspective you choose for your topic. Research paper college should also be relevant. Do not handle high school issues in college. A high school paper should also not deal with PhD issues.

Plan With an Outline
An outline is an excellent tool to help you in planning your paper. Custom research paper writing demands that each paper has a unique outline. The outline will capture your main ideas and their supporting sub-ideas. Research paper services also provide sample outlines that you can use a guide. With the outline, you have a better idea of your main points and how they flow. It allows you to ascertain whether you have enough points to support the required size of paper. With an outline, you will not repeat ideas or skip others since they are systematically arranged. An outline will also enable your ideas to flow logically.

Quality of Reference Materials Matters
Only use credible and high quality reference materials for citations throughout your paper. Research paper help websites have databases of high quality papers that can be used for reference purposes. They include books by authoritative authors, articles, journals and seminar presentations. The use of poor quality reference materials will compromise your performance. Discuss the materials you are going to use with your teacher to ascertain that it is of high quality.

Formatting is a Determinant
A properly formatted paper is easy to read and makes a lot of sense. The ideas flow without too much attention going to presentation. Research paper writing service will guide you on professional formatting. These professionals understand the rules that guide such styles as APA, MLA, Chicago and others that may be stipulated by your teacher. Even when you buy research papers, ensure that they are properly formatted.

Remember to Edit
Editing helps to eliminate errors and polish the presentation of your ideas. It should be done at the end of your writing process. When you buy a research paper, edit it first before submitting. You may also hire a professional editor especially to check on language and any technical errors that your paper may present.

You are at liberty to purchase research paper in order to boost your performance. The secret is to ensure that you get it from a credible writer or service. Buying from unreliable writers will lead to errors that affect your performance.

Looking For Assistance With Academic Research Papers

There are students who spend all their school life in the library yet do not top their classes. Others just buy custom research papers online and top the class semester after another. Though there are numerous research papers for sale online, not all will guarantee quality. You need to know how to ensure that you get quality papers and at affordable price. Here are expert tips you should follow.

Begin the Search Early
It is not easy to get a competent research paper writer online. The few who are available are too busy with projects throughout the year. The secret is to begin looking for assistance as soon as the college research paper assignment is issued. This gives you enough time to vet the many writing services available until you get the best.

When you order a paper online early, the writers pay attention to your work. This enables them to produce a higher quality paper that is also captivating to readers. Further, the price of buying a research paper will always depend on how soon the submission deadline is. If the deadline is too close, the paper will be expensive since the writer has to disrupt all his activities to focus on his paper.

Go For Professional Writers
There are numerous writers claiming to offer quality services. However, many clients have been disappointed in the process. The secret to getting the best research paper writer services is to check their profiles. Only allow your paper to be handled by highly trained and experienced writers. You should also look for a writer who specializes in your discipline. For instance, a writer whose specialization is sciences cannot handle arts or languages well. This will affect your performance.

Take Care of Your Money
There are thousands of conmen online pretending to be writers. They offer a deal on research paper online that is irresistible to entice you to pay money. Some of the tricks used include paying the entire amount upfront and sending money to accounts that you cannot verify. You may also be asked to provide bank details or passwords for your credit cards. Ensure that the payment method used is verifiable and protects both your money and personal details.

Check for Plagiarism
One of the determinants of quality research paper writing is originality. This is why you must ensure that your paper is free of plagiarism. This is happens by passing the paper through a plagiarism checker before you accept it. Order the writer to repeat the paper in case there are sections that have been plagiarized.

Confidentiality is Important
Confidentiality is important whenever anyone has to write my research paper. All transactions must remain between two parties. In fact, some websites allow anonymity when ordering papers. This protects your identify such that you can buy your paper in peace. You do not have to worry about information leading or being discovered ten years after that you bought a paper online.

The quality of paper you get and your ultimate performance will depend on the writing service you hire. Be ready to pay a respectable amount in order to get a quality research paper. Do not mistake an expensive paper for a quality one.

What To Write In A Research Paper On Hamlet And Gertrude?

February 7, 2017

Are you writing a research paper on Hamlet and Gertrude and have no idea what to write in the paper? The trick is to find a good source of information and use it you could even look at other projects for help, which is a brilliant idea. Just don’t be scared to get advice either from people who are very qualified, because they can help so much if you are willing to listen. So read on to find out the top things to include in your paper even if you are going to buy custom research paper online. So without further ado here is what to write in your research paper on Hamlet and Gertrude.

  1. Get help from qualified people
  2. Getting help from the most qualified people you can play a major role in getting a good grade, as they can teach you a lot of things that you might not know. One of the top places to go is to your professor as they can help you with most things, since they know you they will most likely know what to work on. You could even come with a bunch of questions that you are unsure about, which they should gladly answer for you.

  3. Look at example projects
  4. What most students fail to do is to look at other high quality sample projects, which they could easily obtain. The reason why you should want to look at these projects is that they can help you whenever you are stuck, since they are finished projects you will know how to get the mark that they got. You can pay a freelancer to write about a topic of your choice it is advised to make them do the project about the one you are writing to make matters easier, otherwise you are just going to make it a little harder on yourself.

  5. Good quality content
  6. The easiest way to get a high mark is of course to make the paper outstanding and the way to do that is writing quality content. You need to make sure the content you are writing is correct and not false, because this will lead to you missing out on good marks. To know if your paper is good you can get it proof readied by some who is qualified.

14 Intriguing Research Paper Topics About Dance

February 7, 2017

Doing a research paper on dancing can be very interesting to do if you know what to write about, but if you don’t you’re going to have stressful and bad time. You need to know where you can obtain top quality information for your paper, otherwise you won’t get the grade that you desire. There are many methods on getting information you just need to know where to look. So if you are looking for a top quality title to write about continue reading this article until the very end. With that in mind here are 14 intriguing research paper topics about dance:

  1. This history of dancing and why did people start dancing?
  2. Why do people like dancing, what makes dancing shows so interesting to watch?
  3. Where did the dance: Tango originate from and the time period?
  4. What can we learn from dancing?
  5. What makes dancing so romantic?
  6. Why is it important for each county to have their own national dance?
  7. What makes dancing so fun in our young culture?
  8. What are the benefits of dancing for your body?
  9. What negatives can there be from dancing on your body?
  10. What are the top 5 dances in the world today?
  11. What are the most romantic dances in the world?
  12. Can dancing motivate us to do more in life and with are life partners?
  13. What makes dancing so special for today’s young people?
  14. Can you tell a person’s personality from the way they dance in the club?

The key to writing a good paper is to pick something that you know you can work with, otherwise you’re going to spend on things that you don’t need to. For examples you will have to spend more time doing research whereas if you wrote a paper on something that you already know about or have an idea of what to write. If you want to save time then writing something you already know about is going to be your bread and butter, since the project will become a breeze for you. However, still proof read your work, because so many students make the mistake of skipping this part as they thing they have done everything correctly.

All-in-One Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

July 4, 2016

A research paper should demonstrate your point of view about a chosen topic, based on the study that you have completed. Since it isn’t a simple summary, you may have some difficulties unless you have an ultimate guide on how to compose such an assignment. The following guidelines will help you stay focused and write a successful work.

Steps for Creating Research Papers

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. You need to keep in mind the amount of time you have, the length of your paper, availability of sources, and interests of your target audience.

  3. Focus your research.
  4. Your topic should be narrow enough and clearly demonstrate what you want to tell the readers about the subject. If you’re not sure you can handly this, try to get good papers for sale.

  5. Compose a thesis.
  6. The purpose of the entire work is to support your thesis statement, so it should be disputable and provable.

  7. Create a preliminary bibliography list.
  8. Having a list of potential sources of information in hand helps you organize your work, so study reference guides, bibliographies, book reviews, etc.

  9. Prepare an outline.
  10. To have a good starting point, you need to write a working outline that will give an order to your note taking.

  11. Study the sources and take notes.
  12. You should gather the most important sources and study them carefully. It’s recommended to create cards with the key points and interesting facts and organize them.

  13. Write the final outline.
  14. This document is similar to your working outline, but your topic should be divided into subtopics and reflect the organizational structure of your paper.

  15. Complete the first draft.
  16. After your final outline is ready, you can write your rough draft. It’s important to concentrate on the content of the paper and expand your points.

  17. Revise your work.
  18. You’re required to read your first draft carefully, improve its organization, insert clear transitions, add evidence where necessary, and delete information irrelevant to the topic.

  19. Finalize your assignment.
  20. You need to cite all the sources, compose a bibliography list, create a title page, and proofread the text.

Vital Don’ts to Avoid

  • Composing a thesis statement that is a fact, a question, or personal opinion.
  • Using only online sources.
  • Taking notes without indicating the source of information or data.
  • Writing a rough draft that doesn’t follow your final outline.
  • Missing one of the important elements, e.g. an introduction, thesis, conclusions, discussion, or bibliography.
  • Revising your final draft without a clear purpose in mind.
  • Skipping proofreading your work for mechanical errors.