Making a Research Paper? Great Ideas for Your Topic

August 7, 2020

When creating a research paper, many students think that the more complex the topic, the better their score.  This, however, is not necessarily the case.  Though professors do appreciate a certain level of “complexity,” if the topic is uninteresting or has been done many times before, then there is nothing exciting about it.

Furthermore, if a topic is too complex, then it may be too difficult to complete within the given time.  Chances are that the student will end up sacrificing good research and writing just to finish on time.

Choosing well

The initial key then to a good paper is choosing your topic well.  Even if you don’t like the subject, you can still find ways to select something you like if you exercise your imagination. The more it intrigues you, the better motivated you will be to finish well.

Organizing thoughts and Outlining

The next step is to organize your thoughts before you write.  Rather than just highlighting key facts, it is good to take notes about what you have found, and then organize them.  It helps to make an outline before writing as this becomes the skeleton of your paper.  Your arguments will be clearer if you see them put together in the outline.

Reread your work

Before submitting, be sure to properly revise my paper.  Check for the usual grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; but also check for clarity of thought.  Many times when you are in a hurry, you will discover that key phrases or sentences are missing that tie things together.

Some topics to consider

Just in case you need a creative boost, the following are some topics to ponder upon.

Economics and Business

-Are lifestyle channels helping or hurting the tourism industry?

-Is digital piracy greatly affecting the entertainment industry?

-Is the gambling industry helping or hurting local economies?

-How is terrorism affecting the economy?

Information Technology

-Are antivirus programs protecting computers or making them more vulnerable to attacks?

-Are facial recognition systems violating people’s right to privacy?

-Can fingerprint technology replace the signature?

-Can the government truly regulate the internet?

Politics and Law

-Is diplomatic immunity fair?

-Should the adult “legal age” be increased?

-Why are other countries allowing local businesses to produce counterfeit goods?

-Would other countries benefit more if they instituted trial by jury?

Family and Society

-Is there a better way to teach sex education to prevent teenage pregnancies?

-Should children from lower-income households be allowed to work part-time?

-Should couples be required to attend pre-parenting seminars before having children?

-What should be done to minimize teenage gang violence?

Sports and Entertainment

-Are student-athletes given unfair advantages at school?

-Are the sports and entertainment industries negatively affecting the country’s workforce?

-How are athletes and entertainers promoting peace between nations?

-Should celebrities still be allowed to run for government office?


As an essential requirement in many of your classes, your research paper should not be taken lightly. Select well, organize your ideas, and proofread your work.  By following said steps, you will have a paper to be proud of.

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