Amazing Topics for Your Research Paper

August 7, 2020

Settling for a topic to write on while doing a research writing job at Write Zillas or composing your research paper can be challenging. We have selected some topics you can choose from. These topics cut across different fields. You can also use clues to draft out your topic based on your interest.

The “Wow” Research Paper Topic

It is important to note that all research paper topics are not rated equally. Some are considered better than others, and yours should be on the better side. Before choosing a research topic to write on, consider the following points.

1. Are You Interested In The Topic?

Writing a research paper can be burdensome when the topic doesn’t go well with you. If you want to experience ease while writing, ensure you have an interest in the topic. Your interest in a topic will also reflect in your enthusiasm for in-depth research. Don’t fall for the temptation to follow the crowd on a subject you have no interest in.

2. Ensure You Are Well Armed

Your submissions must be valid and supported by facts. You must ensure you have enough information to put forth a good argument. Your stance on the subject must be adequately informed. For a well-informed discussion, you have to study extensively on your topic. Before you settle for a topic, source for materials to ensure you have adequate information.

3. Follow the Guideline of Your Teacher

Do not forget that there might be some restrictions in your research paper from your field or teacher. It is safe to stay within the boundaries of that information. At the end of your research paperwork, it would be graded with some indices. Therefore, it is essential to play by the rules.

Some research topics from different fields you can consider:

Arts/ Culture

  • How is sexism presented in media (music, film, video games)
  • The impact of the music of slaves on American music

Current Events

  • The impact of the Corona Virus on the world economy
  • The evolution of the feminist theory


  • The effect of a child’s upbringing on his academic performance
  • The mental effect on same-sex school on a child


  • How to reduce gun-related deaths in the US
  • The effect of modernization on the divorce rate


  • The most effective type of juvenile punishment that can curb future crime
  • Similarities and differences between immigration law of different countries


  • Most effective methods/programs to reduce teen pregnancy
  • How do the healthcare plans of various countries differ from each other?


  • The fall of the Roman empire: Causes and Lessons
  • Causes of civil wars and how they could have been prevented


  • How has the media portrayal of Islam changed since the September 11th attack?
  • The rise in atheism around the world: cause and implication

Science/ Environment

  • Climate change and the next generation
  • Oil spills and its impact on natures resources


  • The impact of 5G of human society
  • The effect of technology on the learning process

In conclusion, the importance of research work in any field cannot be overemphasized. Considering the benefit, the amount of work put into writing an outstanding paper is worth it.

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